Why Video Should be Part of Your Marketing Mix

Five years ago business owners questioned whether they could afford online video marketing. Today, the better question is if they can afford NOT to.

Smartphones, tablets, and the integration of video into social media platforms have made for an amazing online video viewing experience. It has also made businesses without video less and less visible to search engines and consumers.

Can you afford to be invisible online?

Why Video Should Be a Part Of Your Marketing Plan

1. Video is the most effective online medium.

“Youtube gives brands the best platform and enables them to build stories that people choose to watch.” – Stephanie Davis, Industry Director of Travel for Google, 2014

“Online adults living in higher income households with an annual income of $75,000 or more are particularly likely to post or share videos online.” – Pew Research, 2013

2. Everyone is watching video, everywhere

With the advent of smartphones and tablets, digital media and video is interwoven into everyday life. People research vacations online, and once traveling, they make purchase decisions from their phones. Vacationers refuse to unplug from the internet and expect to find you on their phone wherever they are.

The rise of online video has shifted users to larger and larger smartphones to make video viewing better.60% of all online traffic now comes on mobile devices, and 35% of organic search traffic. 40% of YouTube watch time comes on mobile devices.  – YouTube, 2014

Greater than 78% of the entire US population views online video advertising in any given month. – Pew Research, 2013

Consumer internet video traffic will comprise 69% of internet traffic by 2017. – Cisco, 2014

YouTube serves over 2 billion views per day – more than double the entire United States prime time television audience. – YouTube, 2014

YouTube reaches more US adults ages 18 – 34 than any cable network –  Nielsen

Travel and lodging videos accounted for 270 million views in the fourth quarter of 2013. – Skift, 2014

3. Video is more persuasive than other mediums

“Studies show that Youtube is the strongest social network at introducing new products to the consumer and for driving sales conversions.” – ReelSEO, 2014

“The data tells a clear story: interactivity doubles purchase behavior.” – TubeMogul, 2013

“Online ads using audio and video achieve a greater impact on Brand Awareness at a lower frequency exposure than other standard online ad formats. In fact, exposure to audio/video ads increases Brand Awareness by 10.0 percentage points.” – Video Ads Achieve Greater Branding Impact With Fewer Impressions, Dynamic Logic.

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