Tips for Creating Great Print Advertising

Here are a few helpful guidelines to follow with print advertising into your marketing plan.  

Being concise and smart in your advertising your campaign will give you the best results with your audience.

• Less is more. Use key words and short phrases to attract attention.  Only include pertinent information.

• Think ahead and familiarize with the publication schedule and allow for time to conceptualize your ad.

• Strive for consistency. Carry your branding (colors, images, logos) through all of your marketing.  Allow your branding to reinforce itself over time so your company becomes instantly recognizable to your customers.  

• Pictures are worth 1,000 words. Make sure your images have a high enough resolution for the medium.  Print requires a standard of 300 dpi (dots per inch), images included in digital marketing have a 72 dpi minimum requirement.

• Avoid complicated URL’s in print media. Use a URL reducing service like TinyURL or create a landing page on your normal website that is easy to read, remember and type. Example:

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