Marketing News Roundup

  • Here’s an interesting article from Web Marketing Today, Strategies for Main Street, we ran across recently detailing ways to address  any negative reviews posted by your customers. The article cites Zendesk when it reports that “88 percent have been influenced by an online customer service review when deciding what to buy,” so knowing how to respond to negative reviews is crucial in today’s marketplace.
  • Are you feeling like you or your business is stuck in a rut? Do you feel that the term “stagnation” best defines your current state? Well the website The Long+Short has devoted their entire “season three” to the subject of stagnation. There’s lots of wonderful journalism here, but start at the link below, which takes you to a “no-flow chart.”
  • Here’s a short article about keys to retaining and attracting new customers from the CMS Wire website. By the way, CMS stands for Content Management Systems.

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