About Us

Marketing has been called many things through the years and can mean – and include – many different things to different people. We believe that the essence of marketing is telling a story.

Everyone, and everything, has a story. You can read a portion of our individual stories below; but collectively, our strength and our passion, is telling your story, the story of your business, and your products. In the larger picture this is termed branding: the image you present to your potential customers.
Elements that go in to creating your brand include print advertising, press releases on new developments in your business and events you are hosting, internet advertising/presence, and video. And this is where we come in.

We have a reputation for excellence on the peninsula that we earned through 20 years of growth and commitment to our community. With our publications, our delivery service, our websites, and our video company, we offer all the important options needed to tell your story, whether you and your business are well established or just opening your doors for business. And we pride ourselves on working with you to develop a program – a story – that will reach your next (and existing) customers/clients and your goals in the most cost effective manner possible.

Your various options, and our services, are described in detail on other pages within this site and we encourage you to explore them. But if your time is short, or you just prefer to talk with a friendly voice and have us explain what we offer and what we can do, we are always ready to answer your call and help you determine the best way we can help you tell your story.